Memorial Park Proposal

In April of 2017 Indiana Tech announced that it had arranged a public-private partnership with top city administrators to invest over $6 million of Indiana Tech resources in Memorial Park, on Fort Wayne’s east side.  Indiana Tech proposed to:


  • Rebuild an existing baseball field to women’s league softball standards, outfield surfaced in artificial grass and the whole field encircled with a security fence.

  • Construct a 10,000 square foot, one story new sports administration building in the heart of the park, on what is presently a rolling knoll.

  • Expand existing parking areas in the heart of the park

  • Remove the memorial grove, relocate two site-specific monuments, flatten out one of the few rolling hills in the neighborhood, and construct a new football field-sized running track, complete with bleachers and field sports throwing facilities, comprising an area of at least 350 feet by 750 feet, encircled with a security fence.

Indiana Tech ended up withdrawing their proposal, but here are the stories for your benefit.

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