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A New Life for the Stone Pavilion and Oak Grove at Foster Park

The Stone Pavilion at Foster Park is about to see a new life!  This historic structure, dating to the late 1930s, was constructed by the Federal Works Progress Administration during the depths of the Great Depression.  After witnessing many years of disuse, Friends of the Parks of Allen County, Fort Wayne Trails, and ARCH have partnered with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation to revive this structure and its surroundings.  This ambitious project will fully and accurately restore the pavilion and surrounding oak grove to the character it enjoyed when it was one of Foster Park’s most popular picnic groves. With the recent completion of the Bluffton Road segment of the Poka-bache trail, a four-county, 81 mile-long trail system in northeast Indiana, the Stone Pavilion site is uniquely situated to become a gateway into the Fort Wayne trail system and into Foster Park.


In addition to the initial phase of restoring the timberwork, stonework, and cedar shake roof, the pavilion’s setting will be improved by clearing invasive honeysuckle brush from the surrounding woodlands and river banks.  This woodland restoration will allow sweeping vistas to and from the pavilion along the riverfront. New and improved paths will connect it to Foster Park and West Foster Park. Those same paths will allow park patrons unique access to the wild wetland just east of the pavilion. Improved sightlines to the pavilion from other areas of the park will reconnect it to the community’s image of Fort Wayne’s favorite leisure spot.


Foster Park experiences high demand by the community for its pavilions.  Bringing the Stone Pavilion back into service will make it a popular destination.



  • A new resting stop for greenway users coming to and from Foster Park.

  • A new gateway to the extensive Fort Wayne trail system from the regional Poka-bache trail.

  • A pre- and post-soccer game gathering place.

  • A place for picnics or family and community events.

  • A place to stop and enjoy the woods, an urban wetland, and the St. Mary’s River.  

Foster Pavilion 3 crop.jpg

Historical Photograph

FPP3 Current.PNG

Existing Conditions

FPP3 Update.PNG

Proposed Rendering


Proposed Site Plan

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